Celebrity Vault

Celebrity Vault’s origins go back to the late 1930’s with the founding of a Hollywood book and collectibles company that became the legendary Movie Star News. Irving Klaw, the driving force behind the original company, was born in Brooklyn in 1910. His family business, which eventually became Movie Star News, began in 1938 when he and his sister, Paula, opened a used bookstore at 209 East 14th Street in Manhattan.

After he realized teenagers were frequently tearing out photos from his movie magazines, Klaw contacted the movie studios, many of which were then located in New York City, and inquired about acquiring negatives and promotional stills. He started selling movie star stills and lobby photo cards.

Over the next seven decades, Movie Star News sold millions of prints. Movie Star News also rented the images to publications on a global basis starting in the 1950’s. The collection contained more than 100,000 original studio negatives and more than 3 million prints.