Meet the New Globe

New Ownership, New Website,
New one-of-a-kind & exclusive archives to explore.

For over seventy-five years, Globe Photos has been renowned for its cover of celebrities and the entertainment industry, as well as its extensive archive of historical figures and events. In August 2015 Globe Photos was acquired by Capital Art LLC., a leader in the distribution of fine art pop culture photography.


Come meet the new Globe today. We are happy to announce our re-launch, presenting new exclusive and one-of-a-kind archives, a better website, and a better Globe. In addition to this specialized coverage of the entertainment industry, Globe Photos maintains a comprehensive stock photography archive, including historical events. Globe Photos, LLC. deals with a wide range of clients in the multimedia, TV/film, corporate, advertising, editorial, and publishing industries.


Browse our archives today to get a taste of the new Globe Photos, the same stunning photography that you know in the new and improved archives that you will love. Sign up now to access our exclusive archives and complete the form to begin registration for the process.
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