Movie Star News

Movie Star News was an NYC landmark and is a collection of vintage pin-up, bondage, and Hollywood publicity photos amassed over the course of 73 years by Irving Klaw, his sister Paula Klaw and nephew Ira Kramer – nearly 3 million images and 250,000 negatives, including 1,500 prints of Bettie Page, known as the queen of pin-ups.

The family business, which eventually became Movie Star News, began in 1938 when he and his sister Paula opened a struggling used bookstore at 209 East 14th Street in Manhattan.

After he observed teenagers frequently tearing out photos from his movie magazines, he saw an opportunity and started selling movie star stills and lobby photo cards. He set up a small box of used movie stills. When these quickly sold, he contacted the studios for more stills. Irving approached the studios directly back when most Hollywood studio publicity departments lined Manhattan’s 11th Ave and discovered they were in the habit of throwing away or destroying their publicity materials after a film had had its run. Irving bought as much as he wanted for almost nothing, convincing publicity departments he was doing them a favor.

Irving would take these originals and negatives meant for magazine and newspaper art departments and reproduce 8×10 glossies of them directly for the purchasing public. The customers could order by item number from catalogs of sample photos. These sold so well that he stopped selling books and moved the store from the basement to the street-level storefront and renamed it Irving Klaw Pin Ups. Business thrived, and the self-named “Pin-Up King” moved to 212 East 14th Street and took on the name “Movie Star News“.